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We Offer Weight Counseling & Weight Loss Support to Help You Stay on Track

Everyone starts a diet determined to stick with it. But, hunger, cravings, temptation and deprivation can sabotage even the best intentions. That’s why Dr. Angeletti developed his unique Anti-Binge Diet ® , one of the most successful weight loss diet plans.

With this plan you have the freedom to enjoy unlimited portions of tasty, filling, yet, low calorie, good-for-you foods that help you curb your cravings, and lose the urge to binge. And, with the aid of our expert weight counseling, and weight loss support, you’ll even be able to “cheat” with some of your favorite foods.

Based on Dr. Angeletti’s extensive experience with dieter’s issues, the Anti-Binge Diet ® is a weight loss diet plan that allows you to eat your way to rapid, permanent weight loss. Because there’s no feeling of deprivation, it’s a diet you can live with for the long run, with on-going , authoritative nutritional counseling, and weight loss support.

You start with an initial phone consultation, then receive the Anti-Binge Diet ® plan customized to your preferences, and metabolic needs. You will also have weekly, biweekly or monthly telephone weight counseling calls for diet modifications, nutritional counseling and assistance in dealing effectively with setbacks.