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November 27th, 2008
dr angeletti diet Kelly Steindler - Before and after
Kelly Steindler, before her weight loss.
Dr. Donald Angeletti with his patient Kelly Steindler after her weight loss of 70 pounds.


Two-thirds of American adults are overweight and one in three are considered to be obese.

As a result, many medical professionals are establishing innovative ways for their patients to lose weight and establish a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Donald Angeletti, of West Caldwell , a specialist in endocrinology and metabolism, has expanded his weight- program to Include several low-cost options, including affordable meal replacements. These programs are not covered by health insurance, but may be tax deductible.

For Patient Kelly Steindler, Dr Angletti’s meal replacement program has produced definitive results where other diets and programs had failed.

“I had tried everything before this and nothing worked,” said Steindler. “Following other plans, I had only lost about 10 pounds over several months. With Dr. Angeletti’s meal replacement plan, I lost 70 pounds in seven months. It’s very easy to follow and I am never hungry.”

Upon starting the plan, Steindler was given six meal replacements per day. After three weeks, one fruit per day was added to her daily menu. After eight weeks, Steindler could add one additional fruit per day – as well as low-fat cottage cheese or plain fat free yogurt – to her six meal replacements.

When dining out, Steindler chooses small portions of fish over greens. Steindler is thrilled with her results and hopes to lose an additional 45 pounds.

Another weight-loss option cited by Dr. Angeletti Involves using specific diet medications to help patients suppress their appetites while increasing weight loss. A third option is a balanced deficit diet that allows patients to eat as much as they want, but with healthier, low-calorie foods. This satisfies a patient’s urge to eat without depriving the body of certain nutrients.

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