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September 7th, 2006
Ben Farruggio hit a top weight of 347 lbs. before beginning his weight loss program with Dr. Donald Angeletti of West Caldwell.

“Liquid diets, fasting diets, soup diets, hot dog diets, Nutri-System, Weight Watchers – you name it, I’ve tried it, ” says Sparta resident Ben Farruggio, 57, “I always lost weight but would regain it when the old habits came back.”

Today, Farruggio is an astounding 76 pounds lighter than he was just seven months ago – and halfway to his goal weight. After battling his weight for more than 25 years, what has finally put Farruggio on the track to healthy and permanent weight management? An encouraging and knowledgeable doctor, a sensible plan and an attitude adjustment. “The word diet doesn’t exist in my vocabulary.” Farruggio says. “I don’t need a diet: I need a change in lifestyle.”

At the peak of frustration and his highest weight of 347 lbs., Farruggio was considering a drastic step –  gastric bypass surgery. His wife suggested he try a different route and find a doctor who specializes in healthy weight loss. That’s when Farruggio first visited Dr. Donald Angeletti of West Caldwell, and was introduced to the plan that has changed his life.

Angeletti, a specialist in endocrinology and metabolism, has helped thousands of patients lose weight – with an emphasis on keeping it off. His extensive research and resulting patients’ successes led to his creation of the Binge Diet™.

Ben Farruggio lost 76 Ibs. seven months after starting on a weight loss plan with Dr. Donald Angeletti of West Caldwell.

“Dr. Angeletti teaches you how, when and what to eat and his plan works perfectly for me,” says Farruggio, “It’s a very sensible program that incorporates a reduced-calorie intake of meats, fish, vegetables and fruits along with an exercise program I can live with.”

Farruggio says he has come to realize the numerous benefits of staying active in conjunction with the eating plan. “Exercise speeds up your metabolism and helps to make your heart stronger, as well as aids in lowering the blood pressure and cholesterol.”

As Farruggio continues to work hard to reach his goal, he remains optimistic with Angeletti’s regular support. “I haven’t reached my weight goal yet,” he says. “It may take another year, but as the pounds come off I know I am a much healthier and happier person. I thank Dr. Angeletti for that.”

Dr. Angeletti has extensive experience treating overweight patients. He has served as a clinical Instructor at the New Jersey College of Medicine, as chief of the Division of Endocrinology at Mountainside Hospital in Montclair and has published material in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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