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Diet Plan Successes Of Renowned Endocrinologist, Dr. Angeletti.



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Diet Plan Successes Of Renowned Endocrinologist, Dr. Angeletti.

Read about their experiences and how Dr. Angeletti helped them reach their goals.

“Dr. Angeletti is the only doctor who ever really talked to me in depth about how to get control.”

“He sat with me and told me what I should, and shouldn’t, be doing. He said you have to stop and think about what you eat.”

Mary Ann D.

Hunger is not an issue.”

“I had tried everything before this, and nothing worked- following other plans I had only lost about 10 pounds over several months.  

“I couldn’t have done this without Dr. Angeletti.”

Kelly S.

Lost all her weight in one year, and is still maintaining her healthy lifestyle.

“I needed something that offered me real-life choices.”

“I wanted something that I could manage in the real world – so that if I went to a restaurant I could order something and know that I could remain on plan. I could adapt it easily to my day.”


“Dr. Angeletti teaches you how, when, and what to eat.”

“His plans work perfectly for me. I know I am a much healthier and happier person. I thank Dr. Angeletti for that.”

Benjamin F.

Lost 76 pounds after his wife suggested he find a doctor who specializes in healthy weight loss

“Lost 25 pounds so far.”

“I’ve been on a lot of diets my whole life – and this one doesn’t deny you anything. I like everything and I’ve lost 25 pounds so far.”

Rosalind D.

“It’s so simple.”

“I don’t feel hungry or sluggish, and I am never tempted to reach for an unhealthy snack. The staff is so nice, and Dr. Angeletti is very motivating and supportive.”

Maribel R.

Has lost 50 pounds in one year.

“His whole staff is just wonderful, very encouraging and very friendly.”

“I went to Dr. Angeletti to have my thyroid checked –and found out I just needed to lose weight with diet and exercise. I started in February and within nine months lost 55 pounds.

My cholesterol level has come down and my blood pressure has come down. I just needed to get on a healthy track. I haven’t really had any cravings.”

Maureen D.

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