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Affordable Weight Loss Without Surgery

January 2010
Kelly Steindler before, and after weight loss with Dr. A.D. Angeletti.

Several innovative medical approaches to promote weight loss have emerged over the past decade. Donald Angeletti, MD, a specialist in endocrinology and metabolism in West CaldwelI, has expanded his weight loss programs to include several new options, including inexpensive, low-calorie meal replacements. Consider this case: patient Kelly Steindler was contemplating drastic invasive procedures to lose weight. After meeting Dr. Angeletti in January 2008, that all changed. “My goal was to lose 118 pounds,” says Steindler. “I lost 70 pounds after seven months and took the rest of the weight off in the next few months. The program is easy to follow, the foods are prepackaged so I know exactly how many calories I’m consuming, and it really tastes good. Hunger is not an issue. I basically eat when I’m hungry.” Steindler is thrilled with her results. “Dr. Angeletti has helped me tremendously.”

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