Dr. Angeletti’s Diet Food Plans

Why Dr. Angeletti's Weight Loss Meal Plans?

  • Lowest Prices - As Little As $6.85/Day
  • Rapid Weight Loss
  • Delicious and Filling
  • Convenient and Easy Weight Loss Meal Plans
  • Highest Quality Protein- Nutritional Excellence of Ingredients
  • Prepared According To Dr. Angeletti's Strict Specifications
  • Weekly Phone Counseling Support

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With Dr. Angeletti’s diet food replacement plans you can achieve the weight loss you want, without the high cost you find with other food replacement plans.

All foods are specially prepared according to the doctor’s strict specifications, and contain the highest biologic value protein, unlike many other commercial diet food products. Plus, Dr. Angeletti's diet meals are filling and delicious!

Simply choose your plan, then select your favorite foods from our extensive menu. Your order will be delivered right to your door.

1. The Low Calorie Diet 3 Plan (LCD-3) - Select 15 boxes of meal replacements.

2. The Very Low Calorie Diet 4 Plan (VLCD-4) - Select 20 boxes of meal replacements.

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